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Amphenol ICC's GIG-Array® connectors are designed to meet the needs of applications up to 10Gb/s requiring up to 296 signal pins per connector.
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The MEG-Array ® Mezzanine Connector system from Amphenol ICC provides the high density and high-speed benefits of sa large array supported by the reliability and low costs of standard surface mount PCB assembly..
Amphenol ICC's InfinX high-speed mezzanine connector system is designed to meet the needs of up to 25Gb/s application. The combination of multiple stack heights and multiple sizes allows for optimal design flexibility.
The TwinMezz ® connector system from Amphenol ICC provides superior electrical performance at the highest data rates, the highest signal density, and the lowest insertion force when compared to other available mezzanine connectors. Industry-leading signal integrity performance makes it the only choice capable of meeting the design requirements for 20Gb/s+ mezzanine applications.
Amphenol ICC is the leader in electronic interconnect industry and a global manufacturer of connectors, cable assemblies, power connectors, High speed Backplane, Board/Wire to Board Connectors, I/O Connectors and more.
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